One of my most enjoyable projects in the latter part of 2019 was photographing a simple but charming and practical 3-bedroom family holiday home, or bach as we call them here in NZ. Situated on the low lying wetlands of the small Kapiti community of Waikawa Beach, the house is built on piles but the long grass of the wetland make it seem as if the dwelling hovers above the ground. The deck that surrounds the home only ads to the illusion. Clad in sustainable macrocarpa, the bach and adjoining shed has a cosy, welcoming feel and blends in effortlessly in the surrounding rural landscape. Designed and constructed by Wellington firm Inline Design&Build, the project has an air of understated confidence to it, a proud achievement for the rapidly growing young company and sending a signal of even bigger things to come!

Photographing the project involved a number of challenges. Firstly, I was operating in an actual wetland so gumboots and old clothes were donned as I waded through the long grasses and swampy areas at the property perimeter. Secondly, it was incredibly windy which made keeping the camera steady on my tripod very difficult as I attempted the dusk and night time shots. And thirdly, perhaps as many as two dozen people were milling around inside (and outside) the house during the latter part of the shoot – a barbeque organised by the building company to celebrate the completion of the project with the proud new owner and his family. Rain clouds were threatening but thankfully it remained dry throughout the shoot. A stunning but rapidly changing sunset materialised out of nowhere and I worked quickly to grab the so called “hero shots” in the small window of time it provided. In the end, the isolated location, the windblown long grass, the colour in the sky and the people milling around inside, all added to a sense of moody drama. I’m extremely happy with the end result and so is the client. Here is the full final set of 16 images delivered – enjoy and feel free to comment, feedback is always welcomed.