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Do you have a property or space that needs photographing? Are you an architect, designer, developer, builder or real estate agent? Or maybe you just want to show off your business premises to your clients? Residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial – we do it all. While your needs and budgets may vary, we have the creative and technical expertise to deliver the results you require. Based in Wellington city, we service the wider Wellington region and beyond. What we offer:

Architectural Photography

A specialised service tailored to the individual needs of architects, designers and building professionals to showcase the design and function of a built space. Read more about my approach here.

“…in all honestly we don’t know how we would have done it without you. Your communication with both us and the clients has been so so impressive and we realise how much of your time this has taken up. I can’t speak highly enough of what a pleasure it is to deal with a supplier like you. The photos are fabulous and we are so pleased with the wide variety we had to choose from, and how well you understood what we were trying to achieve. The amount of time and effort you put into delivering such a high quality result was really appreciated… We certainly won’t hesitate to use you again and will be recommending you far and wide!”

– Susie Mackie/ Mackit Architecture

Interior Design Photography:

Similar to the above but with a more narrow focus on the interiors, covering the design, function, layout, colour, furnishings and mood of a space. Read more here.

Real Estate Photography:

An approach tuned to the specific needs of the real estate industry, where good photography is a critical component to a successful outcome. Read more about my approach here.

Aerial Photography:

Deploying an 8 metre high portable elevation system, I am able to capture images from a unique perspective quickly and effectively. This service is provided free of charge with any booking. When more height is required or the terrain is unsuitable for pole photography, I use a drone to get the shot. Drone technology has come a long way in recent years and with the appropriate multi-rotor craft, I am able to capture distortion-free images of excellent quality. As a holder of a CAA approved drone competency certificate, it allows me to legally and safely fly a drone within a 4 km radius of an airfield (with permission, which is almost always granted). With a centrally located airport, a surprisingly large slice of Wellington city falls within this restricted zone, so obtaining the services of a certified and competent drone operator is a must!

Commercial Photography:

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, public spaces and facilities, corporate offices, business and industrial premises, boats and motor homes, you name it – no space is too big or small for us to cover. Contact us to discuss your project and specific needs.

Twilight photography:

There is no doubt that some properties look their best at twilight or night time, both visually and in terms of conveying mood and adding to the narrative of a space. It has the added bonus of helping to hide some imperfections on the exterior, if that is of concern.

Floor plans:

A useful tool for real estate marketing and why would you want to get a separate contractor in when the photographer can do them for you immediately following the photography session? Contact us for details.

Video and 360° Virtual Tours:

Want to supplement your still images with a short video? Or perhaps spice up your listing with a 360 virtual tour walkthrough? I have the capability and tools to make that happen.


How much does it cost? We offer competitive pricing and a hassle free approach to image licensing – you get to keep and use the images for their intended purpose indefinitely, with few restrictions. Get in touch now to discuss your imaging needs by filling in the contact form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP with pricing and other info.

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